Keep your code safe and accessible at any time

Save your snippets on canSnippet to keep track of all your important pieces of code. The quick search and syntaxic coloration make canSnippet even more enjoyable. CanSnippet runs as a service and is accessible any time with simple keyboard shortcuts.


Create snippets in a breeze

You can save any selected text to canSnippet by pressing the "save from selection" shortcut. The automatic language recognition will help you quickly save and start using your new snippet.


Very powerful search and insert

Your snippets are one shortcut away from you. By opening the search box, you can find and insert any of your snippets within any application (text editor, mail app...).




  • 10 snippets
  • Add from selection
  • Search and insert
  • 10 languages support
  • 2 syntax coloration themes



  • Unlimited snippets
  • Add from selection
  • Search and insert
  • +170 languages support
  • Automatic language recognition
  • 9 syntax coloration themes
  • Dark and Light themes
  • Auto-launch on startup
  • Keyboard shortcuts customization

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